Starbridle - complete with headstall

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Starbridle - complete - including beautiful soft leather headband with anatomically shaped neck straps. Top bitless bridle, which triggers the greatest enthusiasm in dressage, jumping and western sports at many well-known greats of the horse world. Noseband: Pony - about 24 cm Cob - about 33 cm Full - about 34 cm X-Full - about 34 cm Starbridle is a new evolution of bitless bridles, which is already recommended by almost all wellknown discipine representatives. Highjump, Dressage, Western a.s.o. This high quallity product is on our store available on stock. Choose the right size below.
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There is the Starbridge in Thoroughbred or Warmblood size and in each case in black, brown, London / light brown. THE QUALITIES Ideal for all horse breedsWarning a gentle guidance PLEASANT, EASY PRESSURE ON THE NOSE BACKS OF THE HORSES IDEAL FOR THE SENSITIVE HORSEEASE AND THE PFERDEMAUL INVIGIBLE IN EVERY TRENSE THE SHANKS 'SLATS OFFER VARIOUS SINGLE VARIATIONS THE CHINESE CHAIN IS ADJUSTABLE TO BOTH SIDES At Heunetz you order this product as stock item.
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