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An optimal supply of vitamins, trace elements, amino acids and selected herbs, vegetable- and fruit-extracts supports the physiological body functions and metabolic processes that are important for the function of the detoxification system.
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Basic requirements for performance, intact skin and a shiny coat are a healthy digestion, a functioning metabolism and an optimal supply of micronutrients. In addition to a high proportion of fruit vinegar cdVet HorseVital contains herbs, fruit- and vegetable-extracts, which are particularly important for nutritional support of the detoxification organs and the digestive tract. Liquid complementary feed for horses. Composition: Fruit vinegar, elderberry juice, beetroot juice, fermented liquid, dextrose, lactose, nettle extract, buckhorn plantain extract Analytical constituents and levels: Crude protein<0.3%, crude fibre <0.5%, crude ash <0.4%, crude oils and fats <0.2%, moisture 93%, sodium > 0,02%. Additives per kg: Preservatives: lactic acid E 270 10000mg; sensory additives: Ginkgo tincture 5300mg, Artichoke tincture 2200mg Feeding recommendation: Once daily 80ml over at least 2 months. Store in cool and dark place!
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