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CG Heunetze
Chris Gehrmann
Hüllscheider Weg 2
D-53940 Hellenthal-Losheim (in the northern "eifel")

Phone: +49–65 57 - 90 19 50


EU-Ust.-ID: DE182603285

In case you are not able or do not want to use our shop-system, please send your orders via email to: Bestellung@heunetz.de

For orders via fax, please send to: Fax: +49 - 65 57 – 90 19 52 0

Payment: Please transfer the above mentioned amount to the following bank account: we only deliver after an advance payment!
Christoph Gehrmann
IBAN: DE91 3825 0110 0001 5653

Please give your name, postal code and name of your village with the transfer!


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